Happy Family Standing On The Beach

There is always a point where every family desires a change. But if your family must change levels, there are certain things that must be done to bring about the desired change. Note that change doesn’t just come. Somebody must enforce it. Change is a possibility. Some experiences might make it look like change isn’t a possible outcome.

But that isn’t the case. Change is very possible. Unknown to some families, they are operating under some evil coverings which prevent good tidings from coming to and from those families. Those are the coverings that need to be uncovered so that families will begin to have better experiences. In Genesis 8:13, Noah removed the covering of the ark. It was at that point that he saw the face of the ground.

God spoke to Noah immediately he removed the covering of the ark, and the sayings of the Lord took Noah and his family to the place they needed to be. One very dangerous thing that happens to many families is “the expired euphoria of past glory.” Some families are still basking in expired glory.

It was wonderful that God put Noah in the ark and lifted him to a high point of the earth. But the time came when Noah and his family had to have new and fresh experiences, and they did, the moment he removed the covering. Then he came out into a new era and a new thing.

It’s important for us to know that our lives are meant to keep going from glory to glory. Children are supposed to be better than their parents. Anything short of that is synonymous with failure. When David heard what was going to be done for the man who kills Goliath, he was inspired to go all out in order to rescue his family from generational smallness.

Amongst all the rewards that were to be given to the man who kills Goliath, David was more concerned about the three rewards that his family really lacked and desperately needed. Goliath was the barrier in David’s family. And when David removed him from the way, things changed in his family. His family no longer paid tax. David got married, even when none of his older brothers had gone that far all through their lives till that time.


  • Poverty
  • Marital Delay/Marital Inconsistency
  • Exemption From Task (Family Harassment)


  • THE GOD FACTOR – 1st Samuel 17:37 – You cannot ignore God in your family and expect God to help your family. David’s trust in the God of Israel was the factor that aided the change in David’s family. Revelation 17:14.
  • AN INTERCESSOR. – An intercessor is a born-again Christian in a family bloodline with sincere and deep love for his or her family, who God can use to deliver the family. An intercessor stands in the gap for the family in prayer until change An intercessor is different from someone who just prays. Morning devotion alone cannot handle some family issues. Every family needs an intercessor. – Ezekiel 22:30.

When Rebecca couldn’t bring forth a child, Isaac interceded for Rebecca. It is no particular person’s responsibility to take up the duty of intercession. Anyone in the family can do the job, just like Isaac did when Rebecca couldn’t bring forth a child. Isaac didn’t wait for Rebecca to pray for herself simply because it was more of her problem than his. He went ahead and did the work of an intercessor, which is exactly what someone has to do for his or her family.

People jump from one prophet to another prophet, and from prayer house to prayer house, in search of someone to intercede for them. But God isn’t looking for an external body to intercede for a family. He needs someone from a particular family to stand in the gap for that family in prayer.

If you’re born-again and your family is going through stuff, God is looking up to you to stand in the gap for your family. If the devil wants to mess up a family, he uses someone in the family bloodline. So when God wants to rescue a family, he uses someone in the family bloodline as well. All God needs to rescue a family is A MAN. Unless a man is tired of his family’s status quo, he cannot be an intercessor for his family.

N/B: There is hope and help in God for your family. When you begin to intercede, the result may not be abrupt, but will eventually come to be. There is a need for an intercessor in your family. Let God use you to stand in the gap for your family.

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