God has the power to make you a victorious woman. The devil that was after Vashti also came after Esther. But God gave Esther victory. The victorious woman is a supernatural, spiritual and extraordinary woman who knows the truth about her personality, her place in the kingdom of God, her possession, her purpose in life, her priorities, and succeeds in life.

A religious woman can’t be a victorious woman. You cannot overcome the devil in the flesh because the devil is a spirit. You can’t practice religion and overcome the devil. Other women who came forth victorious include Hannah who was barren, but the God of all flesh come on her at Shiloh.

Sarah was also barren. But at old age, she bore a child. Deborah arose and broth deliverance upon the nation after 20 years of oppression. The woman of Samaria was brought to the limelight by the God of all flesh. Even after marrying five husbands, she became an international evangelist by reason of an encounter with the God of all flesh.

You can’t be victorious by working in the church. You can’t be victorious by just doing what the pastor says without being transformed and relocated to the spiritual realm. You can’t be victorious in the flesh. You must set your priorities aright. And as a result, you will be successful. Unless you are successful, you are not victorious.

Victorious women are not women who base their criteria for marital success on cooking great meals for their husbands. Your marital success is based on your ability to fulfil the purpose for which you got married.

A victorious woman is a woman who is empowered by God, who has the power and wisdom to overcome distraction, deception, depression, disobedience, and demonic attack. The reason why Eve was easily deceived was because she was not rightly positioned in the Lord. She was not wise enough to overcome the distraction and deception of the devil.

To overcome the enemy, you must rejoice in the Lord greatly. This will rid depression off you. Don’t let yourself be distracted by challenges. The source of your joy should not be your husband, children, money, job, and the likes.

A woman is the weaker vessel. So there are bound to be limitations of the flesh. As a woman, you shouldn’t try to attain success in the flesh because women are limited by different traditions and doctrines which puts them on the sidelines. So to come out victorious, you must not walk in the flesh. You must walk in the spirit.

Being the weaker vessel doesn’t make a woman any less than a man in the realm of the spirit.

If you can’t overcome the dragon in your marriage, you may not remain victorious.


1. Know your personality (Know who you are in Christ) – you can face and overcome the devil by reason of the supernatural at work in you. In Christ, both men and women are new creatures. There are no males and females in the kingdom of God

2. Know your place in life. Your place in life is not in the kitchen or in the other room. Your place is upon Mount Zion.

3. Know your possession. A victorious woman’s possession is Christ.

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