There’s nothing sweeter and greater than knowing that your God is alive and close to you, and answers you when you call on him. It is very pleasant and satisfying to have God close by. Some people have deviated from the way of God to the way of idols because they couldn’t handle bad times when it came on them.

Psalm 21:1 – Actually, it can be frustrating for God to be silent when you call on him. – Psalm 13:1-3. – David found himself in a situation where God was silent to him. But he didn’t shy away from God. He hung on and cried unto the Lord until the desired change came.


Job was a good man who lost everything including his health in a moment. And heaven was silent to him despite his righteousness and fear of God. It got to a point where his wife even implored him to curse God and die. But Job wouldn’t. Yet heaven remained silent towards his matter. But his later end turned out to be greater than his beginning.

John the Baptist was put in prison, where he expected the almighty son of God to come to his rescue. But Jesus didn’t do as John expected. Jesus was seemingly silent to a point where John questioned his personality as the son of God and sent men to him.

Jesus himself encountered the silence of Heaven in Gethsemane. He prayed until his sweat became like drops of blood. Yet Heaven was silent towards him. He prayed for a second and third time, and still had no response from heaven. On the cross, the silence of heaven became too much that Jesus asked His God why He forsook him. Yet God wouldn’t answer. At the end, he died and brought redemption to the world.


The silence of heaven has seen many Christians leaving the faith because they couldn’t handle it. But it is important to note that the silence of heaven is not permanent. It is for a purpose; to bring about the manifestation of the glory of God in a man’s life.

John 9:2-3 – The disciples were made to understand that the blind man in the scripture wasn’t blind as a result of anyone’s sins but to create an avenue for the works of God to be made manifest in him. That explains the reason for the silence of God in certain situations we find ourselves. (So that the works of God may be made manifest in us).

When the three Hebrew boys were about to be thrown into the fiery furnace, God kept silent. While the processes were being initiated and carried out one by one, God remained silent. As men, we would expect God to intervene before the ultimate damage is done. But if God had intervened before the boys were thrown into the fire, the laws of the land would not have changed like it did after a fourth man was spotted in the fire alongside the three brave Hebrew boys.

John 11:1-6 – Jesus delayed for two days after he heard that Lazarus was sick, when it was expected of him to rush down the moment he heard about Lazarus’ health situation. But Jesus, knowing the purpose of Lazarus’s sickness and eventual death, went to him at the “set time” and manifested the glory of God in his life. Till today, it is still being talked about.


  1. The greater the problem, the greater the manifestation of God in your life.
  1. The silence of God is not consequent upon his abandonment of a man. It is consequent upon the manifestations he intends to bring about in the man.


  1. Delay is not denial.
  1. The silence of God is meant to provide a platform for divine manifestations.

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