There was a leak in the heavens. All the while, he thought he was the only privileged human in the realm of spirits. He was wrong. There was another human there. If you’ve ever read the bible or heard a preacher preach, you must have read or heard that God is omnipresent (present everywhere).

That fact has not been proven otherwise by any theory, and it seems researchers have given up on sourcing out information that would serve the purpose of countering that renowned truth. That supposes that not even a single activity in the world goes unnoticed by God, even though its place of occurrence is located in the very center of darkness.

That fact and much more has been the source of the believers’ courage, and their convictions patterned their lives in a way that appeared strange to the rest of the inhabitants of the earth. The termed ‘believers’ filtered themselves from the multitude and embraced a teaching that was new to every living thing. That made them appear a little bit weird, for their teachings suggested life after death.

Their teacher had paid them a brief visit which lasted for thirty three years and left when he was done bestowing a gift meant for the whole world on just twelve men, leaving them with the task of sharing it to all who were willing to hold fast to his teachings, though He (the teacher) wished that all who got presented with this gift accept it, because of the doom that was soon coming on whoever didn’t.

There was an incredible response on their first attempt to share the said gift, and that increased the number of those who believed by three thousand in less than 60 minutes, and so it continued. The rest of the world who didn’t believe could no longer remain silent about such development, as fame of this teaching spread rapidly across the globe, causing the world to lay aside what it had been accustomed to, to hold fast unto this teaching. As their number grew, they became a group of people who could no longer be explained, so a name fitting for them was added to the English dictionary. They were called; “THE DISCIPLES.”

Many years after the teacher had left, one of the twelve men spoken of at first, who was the teacher’s beloved disciple, somehow found his way to the teacher in a realm away from earth just when the teacher was preparing to unleash doom upon all who resisted his teaching. The beloved disciple was privileged to be aware of the coming doom, and he marveled at every word he heard and every sight his eyes beheld, for what was set to come upon mankind was terribly horrifying.

He sought for an occasion to warn mankind and urge them to quickly receive the teacher’s teachings in order to escape the fate that was coming almost immediately on all who didn’t. But he couldn’t. It was late already, so all he could do was weep for mankind; little did he know that there was someone else there with him.There was a leak in the heavens. All the while, he thought he was the only privileged human in the realm of spirits. He was wrong. There was another human there who had been eavesdropping. He was also a disciple, but a spy. So he was called the “SPY DESCIPLE”

The spy disciple, unlike the beloved disciple, made every effort to return to earth to warn all he could before it was too late to receive the teacher’s teachings. How fast could he be? Fire was ready to be hurled down to earth, death was already on its way to take the lives of men, and the stars of the sky were already falling to the earth, dropping like ripe figs from a tree shaken by a strong wind. The sky was rolling back like a scroll, and every mountain and island was moved from its place.

Everyone on earth were already hiding themselves in caves and among the rocks, calling out to the mountains and rocks to fall on them and hide them from the teacher, for the great day of his anger had come, and none on earth could survive it; The kings, the princes, the generals, the rich and powerful people, even the slaves and the free people. They all sought for a means to escape the teacher’s wrath, but found none. Doom was surely coming on them. They should have believed. Nevertheless, the spy disciple didn’t give up. He was bent on a self-imposed rescue mission.

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