Shy Guy 1

Guys grow up with the idea that they’re supposed to do something when they find a lady they like. People often make phrases like; “IF YOU LIKE HER, YOU’VE GOT TO GO FOR HER AT ONCE BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES.” There’s always this pressure to “GO FOR HER”, and it makes most guys feel INADEQUATE.

The African society burdens us with the responsibility of making the “first move.” What people don’t know is that many of us guys have not been taught how to do anything. So we just walk through life seeing ladies we are attracted to without being able to do anything. Truth be told, THAT’S A GUY’S LIFE.

However, there are some sets of guys who approach EVERY LADY, whether they LIKE THEM OR NOT. There are some other sets of guys who approach EVERY LADY THEY LIKE. But it’ll amaze you to know that these two sets of guys put together constitute only 8% of guys in the world. Unbelievable, right?

From the remaining 92%, 22% NEVER APPROACH ANY LADY, while the remaining 70% are the SHY GUYS who always do nothing more than WAIT FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT to approach a lady. You know what’s worse? This right moment never comes because these guys are not really good at judging when the right moment actually is.

To top it off, when we’ve managed to tell ourselves when the right moment is, we run short of ideas on how to go about maximizing the long-awaited right moment. This explains why many ladies constantly experience guys walking up to them to act weird and do some really creepy stuff.

It has become a major concern in today’s world because the ladies are not enjoying advances from the many guys who find them appealing and worth being with, hence the increasing number SPINSTERS. This situation begs for an answer to this question; SHOULD THE LADIES START BEING MORE PROACTIVE in order to get the guys to DO SOMETHING?

We’re in a world where ladies blurt words like; IF A GUY DOESN’T HAVE THE BALLS TO APPROACH ME, HE’S NOT THE KIND OF GUY I WANT. Ladies, how correct am I about that? Forgive my language, but I think a lady who says a thing like that is CRAZY!!! For crying out loud, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY!!! Now, this is why I say you’re crazy.

Do you have any idea how many ladies a guy gets attracted to in a day? What do you think will become of the male folk if we start running after every single lady we’re attracted to? Won’t you call us HORSES and make statements like; GUYS ARE DEVILS!!! THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!!! Shhhhhh!!! You’re wrong!!! ALL GUYS ARE NOT THE SAME!!! Now, back to business.

The idea of NOT BEING INTERESTED in any man who lacks the balls to approach you is ridiculous!!! Know this; out of 30 ladies a guy gets attracted to, he might end up approaching just 1 of them after spending an eternity to find the right moment to make a move. I believe you must be wondering when this RIGHT MOMENT is. Here’s what it is.

To a guy, the RIGHT MOMENT is the moment when he feels it’s easy enough to do make a move. Moments that present too many hurdles is a NO-NO for a guy. If you’re the kind of lady that spends moments with your big group of friends, he’ll never come to you no matter how attractive he finds you to be.

If you appear too busy, he won’t make any move on you at that moment. Also, if you get to spend time often with a particular male friend or several male friends who have nothing to do with you, a shy guy will avoid you like a plague and chose to let the feelings he has for you to suffocate him. His conclusion is that YOU’RE TAKEN, when you’re not.

But many ladies have argued this analogy, saying they’ve been in a position where almost every guy who got attracted to them walked up to them and asked them out. While that is true, it has a downside. Do you remember me saying there are sets of guys who approach EVERY LADY/EVERY LADY THEY LIKE? They amount to just 8% of guys in the world. Now, those are the sets of guys those ladies are talking about.

They are the once who break your heart because they have the balls to go for every lady they like. You don’t expect them to stick around for so long when there are lots of pretty ladies they find appealing, do you? These sets of guys are usually the loudest guys in the room and on the streets. So, the next time you call guys PLAYERS, know that you’re referring to just 8% of guys in the world. There’s 92% somewhere that might never cross your path.

So, if you always hold back and wait for the guys to MAKE THE MOVE, chances are; you’ll either meet a PLAYER or accumulate thousands of SECRET ADMIRERS. I know for a fact that no girl likes a guy to PLAY ON HER even when she’s PLAYING ON HIM. So what can the female folk do to arrest this situation and reduce the number of SPINSTERS?

It’s about time women faced the reality of things and understand that an overwhelming percentage of guys are the potential spouses they pray for. Sadly, these guys lack guts!!! But a lady can do much to help out these sets of guys and help themselves ultimately. What do I mean by that?

I’m not saying you should make the move on a guy. But you must always endeavor to give a guy the LICENSE TO MAKE THE MOVE. If you are that 1 lady among 30 ladies who makes it easy for him, you’re definitely the one he’ll take his chances with. Ladies, please don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying you should BE EASY. What I’m saying is that you should make yourself EASY AND APPROACHABLE enough for a guy to dare to take his chances.

When he finally does and the tension between you too is eased, you can go back to being the real you. By so doing, you have succeeded in opening the door for the guy to walk in. It will then be left for him to make the best of the opportunity you’ve afforded him; and trust me, these guys will NEVER DISAPPOINT YOU. How difficult can that be?

The number of SPINSTERS in this part of the world is becoming ALARMING and really needs to be curtailed. Every passing day, ladies are becoming more and more DESPERATE without knowing what to do to secure a man for herself. OPENING UP TO SHY GUYS is one sure way of getting the problem solved because these guys hate adventure.

Once they get their hands on a girl, it doesn’t cross their minds to get another girl. Sadly, these 70% are still single and unengaged, just like the SPINTERS. Who is to blame for this? And who is more affected? Many would blame the SHY GUYS. But I put it to you that THE LADIES ARE TO BLAME!!! Remember, a guy can marry at any time.

If he finds the right moment when he’s 50 years of age, he’ll definitely marry at that age (even to a 20-year-old girl). But the same cannot be said about a woman. Once her season is gone, it may never return. So please my sisters, WISE UP and embrace the mindset of the WESTERNERS profitably!!! Enough of that AFRICAN MENTALITY!!!

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