A man is not a husband because he is a male. A man doesn’t need a wife to be a father. That’s the reason there are men with children without wives. But a man needs a wife to be a husband. God never created anyone a husband. But God can make a man a husband. Husbands are not born. Husbands are made. And if husbands are made, it means that being a husband isn’t a spontaneous thing. It is a process.
1st Peter 3:7 – According to this scripture, the way husbands treat their wives can either facilitate the answers to their prayers or delay it. This is an instruction given to prevent the prayers of husbands from being hindered. A proper understanding of this portion of the bible will equip a man to lead his wife in accordance to God’s expectation. The way husbands treat their wives has a lot to do with their connectivity to God. A man’s understanding of his wife is what keeps the marriage going, not the other way round.




There was a leak in the heavens. All the while, he thought he was the only privileged human in the realm of spirits. He was wrong. There was another human there.
If you’ve ever read the bible or heard a preacher preach, you must have read or heard that God is omnipresent (present everywhere). That fact has not been proven otherwise by any theory, and it seems researchers have given up on sourcing out information that would serve the purpose of countering that renowned truth. That supposes that not even a single activity in the world goes unnoticed by God, even though its place of occurrence is located in the very center of darkness.




There’s nothing sweeter and greater than knowing that your God is alive and close to you, and answers you when you call on him. It is very pleasant and satisfying to have God close by. Some people have deviated from the way of God to the way of idols because they couldn’t handle bad times when it came on them. – Psalm 21:1 – Actually, it can be frustrating for God to be silent when you call on him. – Psalm 13:1-3. – David found himself in a situation where God was silent to him. But he didn’t shy away from God. He hung on and cried unto the Lord until the desired change came.



The enemy has no problem with church-players. As a matter of fact, his interest lies in God’s people being very religious and hypocritical about the church. Christianity is not a religion. It’s a life that we live. He is very much okay with hypocritical displays put up by some religious folks. True Christianity is practiced in the home/family. If Christianity is not practiced in the home/family, it is dead. We are on the last day where even pastors are divorcing.

Two people can enjoy relationship at the boyfriend and girlfriend level but cease to enjoy relationship when they get married. The serpent in Genesis is still around. Reference was made to it in the book of Revelation. His aim is to make sure there is no peace at homes.



The God of all flesh has the power to make you a victorious woman. The same devil that was after Vashti was the same devil that came after Esther. But the God of all flesh gave Esther victory. The victorious woman is a supernatural, spiritual and extraordinary woman who knows the truth about her personality, knows her place in the kingdom of God, her possession, her purpose in life, her priorities, and successfully succeeds in life. A religious woman can’t be a victorious woman. You cannot overcome the devil in the flesh because the devil is a spirit. You can’t practice religion and overcome the devil


Things You Must Do For Your Family To Experience Better Days

There is always a point where every family desires a change. But if your family must change levels, there are certain things that must be done to bring about the desired change. Note that change doesn’t just come. Somebody must enforce it. Change is a possibility. Some experiences might make it look like change isn’t a possible outcome. But that isn’t the case. Change is very possible.

Unknown to some families, they are operating under some evil coverings which prevent good tidings from coming to and from those families. Those are the coverings that need to be uncovered so that families will begin to have better experiences. In Genesis 8:13, Noah removed the covering of the ark. It was at that point that he saw the face of the ground.



MuggedThe sound of body movement and heavy release of morning breath called my spirit to earth from realms far away, and my eyes popped open to investigate the source of such disturbance. As usual, it came from my eight months roomie and four year pal, who had risen to answer the call of nature. He stepped out of our apartment to explore the morning breeze and probably engage in a little chit-chat with the maidens who forever stood helpless against his colourful eloquence. Not being his first time to take on such early hour adventure, I anticipated his return in no distant time. Strangely, his little timeout began to seem like forever, but I didn’t get curious as to what may have prolonged his return; for it certainly had to be the maidens with itchy ears craving his unending tasteful words.